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In a loiter of Sonoma sourdough there's freshly-milled flour, filtered pee sourdough freshman and sea saltiness In the human beings who broil it there's passionateness and integrity. Unitedly it’s a simple direction for enduring timber.

The Soma adventure starts out with homesickness

For the bang of cabbage

Soma's adventure starts out in the late 1940s, with a niggling boy’s exploits in a country bakeshop As a new lad Kerry Connole would chaffer his grandparents at their Sharpie oecumenical storehouse in the NSW country township of Bellata. But it was in the adjoining, 24sqm bakeshop that he washed-out near of his age Kerry would lookout the community baker kneading, exercising and shaping dough, early swing it in the oven where it was transformed into lucky bricks He didn’t cognition it even but that feel would be the commencement of Soma.

Everything for breakfast!


Sourdough Baguet

Scoop bespake bakeshop but loiter

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Antediluvian Granulate Sourdough

Scoop bespake bakeshop but loiter

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Next-to-last Assignment Loiter

Titled abaft San Francisco’s Assignment Dominion this telling loiter


Your Morning Escape With Flair


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